Glow in the Park with The Adventure Park

Glow in the Park is a favorite event for our climbers and guests!

Enjoy Glow in the Park – a magical experience where you’re climbing through the trees lit up by glow attire, music and more! We have Glow in the Park climbing on Saturday nights. Check our Special Events schedule for the next Glow in the Park events. 

“It’s not often that I feel the need to bombard my friends and family with, “You need to try this!” Most of the time, I figure that I might like something, but there isn’t something universally enjoyable about it. That’s where the Adventure Park differs–no matter how old you are, or what your favorite hobbies consist of, I think that you’ll enjoy this.”

– Jessica W. of Ann Arbor Michigan

Watch the above video for a taste of glow night and we hope to see you in the trees!